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Window and door gaskets are largely responsible for ensuring component functionality. We continually improve the quality of the gaskets to meet the high demands in terms of form and function, as well as a longer service life. Hardened or heavily deformed window and door gaskets have long since been a thing of the past. This is a result of new manufacturing methods and improved designs.

Eco Softline - One gasket with four components

The main reason for faulty window gaskets are the daily stresses and years of constantly changing temperatures. The resulting signs of wear are often the reason for leaky windows and doors.

The result is unpleasant and unhealthy drafts and ever increasing energy costs.

This is exactly why Primo developed the new Eco Softline gaskets. Because of their excellent properties, modern thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) have replaced vulcanised rubber (EPDM) and are always used where the highest quality is required.

The key feature of the gaskets are the 4 material components used. This is the only way to meet the highest demands.

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Extruded plastic recyclable gaskets to make windows and doors tight and excellent insulators




The Eco Softline profiles consist of 4 components, which are able to master these particular challenges and consist of the following:

1. TPV - Anti-friction coating
2. TPE-S - Foam
3. TPE - Rigid profile
4. Integrated cord

The Eco Softline profiles are just the thing for your windows and doors. As well as excellent sealing  properties, the profiles also offer high levels of UV- and weather resistance. Even temperatures as low as -40° C are no problem for our profiles.



State-of-the art recyclable plastic gaskets to make windows and doors tight and excellent insulators

Rigid profile foot

The profile foot is made of a TPE material and ensures that the gasket can be easily installed. At the same time, the rigid material prevents major deformation, which means the profile offers excellent stability. The profile has an integrated cord and this ensures that the gasket can not overstretch, for example with a  mechanical feed. We thereby achieve a stable corner connection for latched gaskets and can achieve optimal sealing and insulation levels.

The plastic extrusion process for manufacturing state of the art plastic profiles

Closed cell foam

Our foam material is a high-quality, closed-cell TPE-S material. The foam is used in the functional area of the gasket. The foam material ensures that the gasket has a comfortable, soft  closing pressure. The material also offers excellent resilience. This also allows a high tolerance compensation to be  achieved.

The material has the advantage that the foam is closed-celled and therefore it will not absorb water in the exposed areas. This ensures optimum functionality during cold weather and that the windows and doors can be opened and closed without any problems.  Thanks to the encapsulated microbubbles, the foam is durable. It remains functional for many years, even when scratched.

The plastic extrusion process for manufacturing state of the art PVC-free gaskets

Anti-friction coating

The outer anti-friction coating consists of a very high quality TPV material. It has good physical and thermal properties. It is resistant to ageing and weather. It is also ozone and UV-resistant. The material is PVC-free, weldable and has no plasticiser migration. The material has excellent anti-friction properties. This ensures that the gasket has a comfortable closing pressure. Windows or doors can be closed very easily. The profile can be easily cleaned with mild cleaning agents.

State-of-the-art design of recyclable and PVC-free gasket for windows and doors

Setting the seal on your construction project

Your advantages:

  • Non-ageing
  • Ozone-resistant
  • UV-resistant 
  • Weatherproof
  • Free from plasticisers
  • PVC free
  • Weldable
  • Colour of your choice
  • As low as -40° minimum temperature
  • 100% recyclable
  • No absorption of water
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduced surface noise

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Specification overview

Sustainable sealing

Primo specifically processes parts from recycled material in its profile systems. Old gaskets
become a valuable raw material once more and can be used to produce new profiles without any loss of quality.

Learn more about Primo and our effort to create green solutions for our customers


Recyclable gaskets for sustainable sealing of your window and doors

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