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The need for value-driven change


Two years ago, I enjoyed participating in Primo's New Year's celebration in China. This year, in the shadow of covid-19, the celebration was reduced to a staff meeting because of the coronavirus held at Zhuhai's local town hall. Yet, with positive vibes.

Stretching the limits of extruded materials


Primo's new HF busbar solutions is a good example of how material knowledge and precision machinery can lead to new and smarter industry products.

More than thirty years of busbar production for the lighting industry


Primo's commitment to the lighting industry and decades of experience in the area means that Primo have a solid knowledge and documentation of material properties. For instance, exact figures about how different plastic types insulate electricity and behave under stress are important when designing new products.

CO2-emission calculation at Primo


C02-documentation provides your company with a measure of your climate footprint and can identify emissions hotspots across your value chain. Companies all over the world measure and report their C02 to stakeholders and use the findings to inform about their sustainability actions.

This is how we will stop plastic pollution


As plastic waste pollutes the oceans, consumers, politicians, and environmental NGO’s expect action from the plastics industry. This is a challenge we are happy to take on in the industry. Among others by minimising the use of polluting plastics and increase the use of recycled plastics as an alternative to wood and metal, which both emits more CO2 than recycled plastics.

Private labeling is blooming in the plastic industry


The demand for private label products to retail chains within the building industry is growing. Primo has been offering private label (also known as white label) products to retail chains for some time, and demand is growing. Gasket and sealing specialist Benjamin Hespeler shares his insight on the potential and future of private labeling.