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Primo specializes in providing innovative solutions in extruded plastics for a multitude of industries and products. Whatever the product or the need, Primo is able to deliver the right solution for it.

We often cooperate with our customers as a partner in product development, and over the years we have gained valuable know how within a number of businesses.

Just to give you an impression of the extent of our market knowledge, we present a few of the business areas we supply with extrusion technology.

Farming & fishery

Primo manufactures a range of products for agricultural fencing: Star profile posts making creating enclosures easy, fiberglass posts, horse fences, stall girders etc.

Out at sea, Primo supplies plastic flotation elements that are woven into the upper side of the net, and heavier, negative-buoyancy plastic elements on the lower sides plus edge profiles, railings, gunwale & impact profiles, fender & bumper profiles and interior fittings.

Primo manufactures different types of hydrophonic channels used in commercial greenhouses for growing lettuce and herbs. Our automated production process ensures a consistent high quality for all the different types of gutters found in the market. The end-cover is integrated into the profile; therefore a separate injection molded end-cover is not needed.


Armrests, seats, wickers, cushions, protective edges, decoration profiles…

Primo offers a wide range of standard as well as customised profiles for furniture manufacturing.

Health care

We are a reliable and experienced partner in high-quality health care products, and we comply with the strict production standards in this field.

For instance, we produce profiles for X-Ray equipment and bandage.

See also Medico >> for a presentation of medical and dental tubing.

Heavy Industry

Advanced extrusion technology and excellent material properties make Primo profiles well suited for the difficult conditions in heavy industry, such as conveyor systems in mining industry, paper industry equipment and metal refineries.


Primo provides many individual solutions for solving packaging problems.
Sea freights require secure handling of the goods. Primo supplies different types of e.g. edge protections where we have great experience.
In the steel industry Primo supplies edge protections and plastic tubes/hoses for protection of high performance steel rods.
Primo also supplies pipes for plastic foil manufacturers and high performance tubes for kegs in the brewery industry.

Sports & Leisure

Due to its unique material properties, extruded plastic is an excellent choice for sports and recreation products.

The business area covers a wide range of products like ice hockey rinks, bowling alleys and many, many others.

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