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Extruded profiles for the construction sector and the home finishing industry

– from plastic profiles for industrial gates to skirtings and cable ducts

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Plastic  profiles for interior and exterior use

The range of profiles for the building industry covers seals, gaskets, extensions for exterior and interior, including profiles for shower & bath, pool & spa. Plastic profiles are prefered for their durability, flexibility and hygienic surfaces with colors that will not fade. 

Plastic profiles are prefered for their durability, flexibility and hygienic surfaces with colors that will not fade

EXTERIOR. 1. Sill profiles joists 2. Garage profiles, Fascia profiles 3. Roof protection 4. Decorative profiles 5. Cladding / Lavella 6. Sun protection / Awning / Marguee

Examples of exterior use of plastic profiles infographic

INTERIOR: 1. Flooring fibres 2. Glazing profiles 3. Niche covering and architraves 4. Beading profiles and doucine 5. Edge protectors 6. Hinge profiles 7. Cable ducts 8. Frame sealings 9. Leveling profiles 10. Skirting profiles

SHOWER & BATH: 1. Connecting profiles 2. Joint profiles for ceramic tiles 3. Stair edges 4. Skirting and baseboards 5. Furniture edges 6. Sealing profiles 7. Light covers and busbars 8. Beading profiles and doucine 9. Clamping profiles 10. Door enclosure profiles 11. Gap seals hinge profiles 12. Spoiler profiles

SWIMMINGPOOL & SPA: 1. Pool flooring 2. Special pipes and hoses 3. Cladding profiles 4. Stair edges 5. Joint profiles for ceramic tiles 6. Profiles for pool covers

Extruded profiles for the construction sector and home finishing industry

Extruded plastic profiles are excellent as replacement for existing materials, suchs a wood and metals, in the building and construction sector. As a building material, plastics have excellent properties: It is weather-resistant, strong, non-corrosive and recyclable, and it can be coloured and moulded into any shape. Also, plastic is color-resistant and the surface will remain its properties for centuries. 

Whether used as system profiles in private homes and public buildings or as building components, plastic profiles offer ease of installation and an amazing array of possibilities. Contact us for more information. 

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