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Windows insulation that stops thermal bridging

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High-quality plastic profiles for windows and doors

Primo is a world-leading supplier of extruded plastic profiles for windows and doors. We work with customers ranging from small, specialized window producers to major international manufacturers. We deliver assistance and partnership all through the process, right from the very first ideas to the final profile or profile system, including logistics and service setups.

We develop custom solutions in close collaboration with our customers and provide a wide range of standard solutions for roof windows, vertical windows, doors, facade constructions and other.

Furthermore, we act as partner and advisor on sustainable solutions for material and recycling. Our philosophy is zero-waste production and we have lived up to that for years. 

Windows insulation for a roof window with glazing beads and polymer sash

Primo provide tailored solutions for doors and windows insulation

Partnering up with Primo will put you in the driver seat. We will serve you with: 

  • an in-house engineering department manned with plastics and extrusion experts, including tooling workshops and laboratories to assist your own staff, whenever needed, with advice, tests and prototypes
  • tailored solutions adapted to your manufacturing and logistic setup with focus on customer efficiency and costs e.g. prefabricated profiles that let you eliminate production steps and streamline your own manufacturing operations
  • competent project management supporting your products reaching market efficiently
  • Decades of experience in sustainable plastic production and circular business models

Plastic profiles and glazing beads eliminate thermal bridges

Polymer profiles for all purposes

Whatever your need for a profile, Primo supports your product development with more than 60 years of experience in the window & door industry. We produce gaskets and components for international market leading producers of windows and doors, like glazing beads, frame and sash profiles, extension profiles, spacers, gaskets, finishing profile and a whole lot more.


Our services include:

  • A dedicated project team
  • In-house tooling
  • Test centre and quality inspection
  • Fast time-to-market

Standard plastic profile concepts

Furthermore, Primo offers an extensive range of standard profiles, including gaskets and sealings as well as a thermal extension profile, StyroClick, for optimum insulation and easy assembly.

Download window & door brochures here:

Windows & Doors

StyroClick Extension

A wide range of plastic profiles

For more than 60 years we have developed profiles to suit our customers' needs. Glazing beads, gaskets, crossbars, insulators, spacers, curtain cassettes, thermal breaks and a lot more. See examples of a range of practical applications where polymer profiles can enhance durability and insulation properties of your frame and sash window and door.

FRONT WINDOWS: 1. Glazing bead 2. Crossbars (self adhesive) 3. Foam gasket 4. Accessory profiles 5. Gasket for glazing bead 6. Foamed glazing bead 7. Insulation profile 8. Gasket for aluminium profile 9. Glazing bead (click system) 10. Frame and sash profile 11. Foamed overlap gasket

Profiles  for front windows are glazing beads, crossbars, gaskets, insulation profiles, frame and sash profiles.

ROOF WINDOWS: 1. Glazing beads 2. Frame & Sash profiles 3. Extension profiles 4. Spacer for dome 5. Accessory profile 6. Gasket for frame 7. Finishing profile

Roof windows have glazing beads, frame and sash profiles, extension profiles, spacer for dome, gaskets and finishing profiles

DOORS: 1. Frame & sash profile 2. Gasket for steel door 3. Glazing beads 4. Gasket for glazing bead 5. Insulators for thresholds 6. Threshold (composite) 7. Accessory for threshold


Glazing beads, frame and sash profiles, insulators for thresholds, threshold for doors

FACADE CONSTRUCTION: 1. Glass seal 2. Gasket for horisontal division 3. Glass support 4. Insulation profile 5. Insulators for aluminium systems 6. Insulator profile with co-extruded lips

Insulator profiles for facade constructions

OTHER PROFILES FOR WINDOWS & DOORS: 1. Window lighting 2. Finishing profiles 3. Curtain cassettes 4. Spacer for glass

Outstanding material solutions for optimum doors and windows insulation

We possess in-depth material knowledge and experience that provide our customers with the newest technologies and future-proof materials to ensure energy-saving and cost-effective properties.

Primo’s range of materials covers everything from traditional plastic types such as PVC and ABS, to blends and composites with outstanding durability, stability and heat retention capabilities.

We offer outstanding material solutions like Fibercore® and Rigicore® - two strong Primo blends developed exclusively for the building industry.

Windows insulation to avoid thermal bridging using PVC, ABS, TPV and many more efficient plastic types

Profiles for windows and doors  in stock

We offer a selection of standard glazing beads and profiles for windows & doors. View our entire catalogue here: 

Get standard profile product overview, windows

Get standard profile product overview, doors


Huge stock of standard plastic profiles and glazing beads for windows and doors

Unser Verfahren

Unser Team aus Spezialisten und Projektmanagern steht Ihnen vom Anfang des Projekts bis zur Endlieferung unterstützend zur Seite.

Als einer der führenden Kunststoffhersteller unterstützen wir Ihr Projekt mit der modernsten Materialwissenschaft, Produktionstechnologie, den aktuellsten Marktkenntnissen und dem fortschrittlichsten Fachwissen in Bezug auf Kunststofftextrusion.

Sehen Sie sich an, wie unsere Zusammenarbeit aussehen kann 

Erfahren Sie, wie unsere Zusammenarbeit aussehen kann

Wir bieten exzellente Kunststoffmaterialien wie ABS, EVA, PE/HDPE, PVC, PPE, TPE, TPV und viele mehr.

Window system profiles – always in stock

We offer a range of glazing beads and crossbars for your window and door systems

Get standard profile product overview, windows

Get standard profile product overview, doors


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