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Busbar trunking: Power Generation & Distribution

Primo provides a large range of polymer solutions for the Power Generation and Distribution industry including busbar trunking systems, laminated and flexible bus bars

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Primo provides a large range of polymer solutions for the Power Generation and Distribution industry

With vast experience in providing tailored solutions to the power generation and distribution market, Primo designs and develops polymer profiles solutions according to our customer’s specific requirements to e.g. efficiency, total cost, flexibility or sustainability. We promise: 

  • Proven design knowledge supporting customer requirements
  • Competent project management supporting your products reaching the market efficiently
  • Long experience in offering metal/plastic co-extruded solutions
  • Material expertise in thermoplastic
  • Full product documentation and sustainable plastic manufactoring  


Tailored plastic solutions for the power generation and distribution market

The right choice of material

You can optimise plastic component features such as product lifetime, thermal properties, stability, temperature and UV resistance. Furthermore, we have deep insight in sustainable production and circular models for recycling of plastic scrap and cut-offs. 

Thermoplastics have several advantages including:

  • Insulating ability
  • High strength/weight ratio
  • Resistance to heat
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Self-closing properties
  • High-voltage applications
  • Sustainable production and high re-usability

The product range includes among others gaskets for control & power centres, busbar insulation, busbar covers, channel profiles, filters, spiral profiles, cable holders, insulation profiles, spacer profiles and more. Our teams of specialists are here to develop thermoplastic products suiting your specific requirements.

Gaskets made of thermoplastic for control and power centres

Other areas of expertise for the energy & offshore industry

Our process

Our team of specialists and project managers are here to support you from the beginning of the project to the final delivery.

As one of the leading plastics manufacturers, we support your project with the latest material science, production technology, market knowledge and advanced expertise in plastics extrusion.

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Wir bieten exzellente Kunststoffmaterialien wie ABS, EVA, PE/HDPE, PVC, PPE, TPE, TPV und viele mehr.

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