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Proven plastic solutions for offshore 

Primo has a dedicated plant with state of the art production lines for the offshore market. Primo can provide a flexible production with high capacity, which means that we have the ability to produce complex and high volume products in an efficient way. Decades of work with major players in the offshore industry has provided us the insight and innovation to take your next project to the next level.


Why choose Primo as your offshore partner

We provide tailored product and supply chain solutions for our partners. QHSE is our top priority. Planned arrangements, extensive control and documentation securing quality requirements from our clients are met to secure a stable supply chain.

Project management is one of the key factors for success and ensures a short and efficient project implementation to meet our customer capacity requirements.

Tailored logistic solutions with on-demand delivery and storage of cable reels are offerings in our service program. We have high capacity of  cable storage, and we offer customized cross-border transport services in order to ensure on-time delivery and minimized logistical risks for our customers.

Streamlined and dedicated development and production lines ensure a lean and cost-efficient process for our customers.

Shaped filler system for submarine and offshore applications

DEH & Power cables AC System

Cost-effective shaped fillers for power cables provide optimum protection of electrical conductors and fibre optic cables.

We provide some of the world’s largest suppliers of DEH cable systems with protection covers.

Primo has unique expertise and experience in the design of custom profiled fillers. Our technology has been developed over years and we develop profiles with high functionality like co-and post extrusion, coating and semi-conductive materials. An important part of our service is documentation, colormarking and technical consultancy. 


Customised shaped profiles for optimum protection and cost-effective solutions

Thermoplastic cable products are a durable solution developed in close partnership with the customer and based on many years of expertise in sub-sea cabling.

Rods - fiber enforced plastic cables for offshore

At Primo Offshore, we are constantly developing and improving existing fiber rods, and we have been doing so for years. This means that we can provide solid guidance and information on plastic rods and how to practically apply them. Recent technological breakthroughs have made it viable to enforce offshore cables with plastic.

Traditionally steel has been used to enforce subsea cables, but plastic fibers instead of steel have a number of advantages. Steel is a durable and strong material, but the weight of steel can adversely impact the complicated process of sinking cables. Moreover, plastic fiber enforced rods are lighter and cheaper to produce. The lighter design means that more cable can be handled in the same proces. At the same time, durability is not compromised.


Plastic fibers instead of steel have a number of advantages in the offshore cabling industry

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Our process

Our team of specialists and project managers will assist you from the very beginning of your project to the final delivery. As a leading plastic manufacturer, we support your project with the latest in materials science, production technology, market knowledge and plastic engineering expertise.

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