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Customised polymer covers, diffusers, busbars and insulators for lighting articles

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LED light diffusing profiles and linear lenses

Primo provides market leading manufacturers of lighting solutions with cover and insulation profiles, designed for optimum protection and easy installation.

Developing efficient and economical solutions and following market trends is what Primo is all about. In the lighting industry, this is done in a close and open relationship with Primo's partners and customers. 

Also, continuous investments in automatisation, such as packing machines and quality measurement devices, are essential in that process. Through automatisation, Primo secures competitiveness and products that fulfil all quality requirements. 

"New solutions, applications and raw materials are continuously developed. We have to work closely together with our customers to help them reach their goals, but also to secure our competence proactively. We want to be part of the customer's development as early as possible and act in a "consultant role" from an extrusion standpoint. This way, the profile is optimised for production and, priority number one, meets all customer requirements," says Business Area Manager Jaakko Salo, Primo.

We design and develop profiles for linear lenses according to each customer’s specific requirements

Thermoplastics components offer a wide range of advantages such as insulating ability, heat and corrosion resistance and design flexibility.

We are a world leader on combining metals (copper & aluminum) with plastic used in applications such as halogen-free profiles for lighting tracks and electrical connections.

Furthermore, we are leading experts in optic properties of polymer materials with a dedicated business area and production facility, including polycarbonate (PC) and acrylic (PMMA).

Polymer busbar for superior insulation in lighting products

For decades, Primo has produced busbars for customers in the lighting industry. The development started together with Nokia, known as Nordic Aluminium today. 

The major benefit of using extruded polymer profiles for lighting are insulation. Furthermore, the limited weight of plastics allows for lighter structure designs. Also, polymers such as acrylics (PMMA), have superior optical qualities that are better than glass, while polycarbonate (PC) has superior impact resistance and flammability values.

Another benefit is that it is possible to enhance raw material features such as UV-resistance, light diffusion, haze, chemical resistance – and even to combine different materials into a single profile that can substitute several components and fulfil multiple purposes.

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.. and any lighting  article that needs a competitive polymer solution!

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FAQ: Questions and answers about about polymer use in the lighting industry

Can you make halogen free busbars?

Yes! Thermoplastic busbars for lighting tracks have been a primary area for Primo for decades. Traditionally all busbars have been made from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) because of its strength and other material properties. However, PVC contains halogens, that might be released under the stress of fire. The solutions is Primo's HF busbar solutions.PVC is still the proven industry standard, but for some specific areas, we see a growing demand for materials that are halogen-free and have low flammability. This is something we can deliver on thanks to our HF busbar solution.

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How much heat can plastic withstand?

Different plastic types have different insulation values. They can stand heat differently; some plastics can lose their properties at high temperatures, and this is crucial information when building new products. What sets us apart is that we understand and can document the limits and possibilities of the plastic materials. We can supply the documented plastic properties to the customers. Also, our suppliers can help and share information about the rawmaterials' properties.

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How is plastic used in lighting products?

The lighting industry is a driver for plastic innovation. Limited space, heat, electrical networking and the need for insulation constantly moves the boundaries of what is technically possible. Plastic is first of all used because it is a lightweight material, a superior insulator of electric current and in lighting products tranparant plastic profiles are used as diffusers of light.

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