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Profiles for Ventilation & Air-Con

Decades of innovative solution development in close collaboration with airhandling unit and ventilation station manufactures has made Primo a leading provider of innovative polymer solutions for the HVAC industry including frames for industrial filter systems, drop separators and thermal breaks. Tailored solutions are made according to customer requirements and a comprehensive programme of standard solutions is offered. 
Primo solutions are providing our customers with: 

- Profiles designed for optimizing our customer assembly process and end product efficiency 
- In depth material knowhow for weather resistant polymer solutions with optimal insulation properties and less condensation 
- Extensive project management know-how and standard programme for fast and efficient time to market process
- Tailored logistic setup and possible local manufacturing ensuring on-time deliveries and shorter lead times

Your experienced partner

We have many years of experience in developing the solution that is exactly right, both in terms of quality and price

Specialist knowledge

Our specialist knowledge in tooling and plastics extrusion means that you can rely on us to develop the profile with the properties you need: 

  • Efficient insulation,
  • Energy savings
  • Weight reduction
  • Eco-friendly

Our process

Our team of specialists and project managers are here to support you from the beginning of the project to the final delivery.

As one of the leading plastics manufacturers, we support your project with the latest material science, production technology, market knowledge and advanced expertise in plastics extrusion.

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Wir bieten exzellente Kunststoffmaterialien wie ABS, EVA, PE/HDPE, PVC, PPE, TPE, TPV und viele mehr.

Air-Con & Ventilation profiles – always in stock

Our standard programme includes components like filters and drop separators for air coolers and heat exchangers

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