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Tailored profiles for refrigerators

We design and produce extruded plastic profiles for refrigerators, and also for washers, dryers and air conditioning/ventilation systems.

Our in-house tooling and prototyping division ensure fast and flexible prototyping.

As a global company with a local presence, we offer you quality production, secure logistics and a solid and long-lasting business partnership.

Versatile materials

Plastics are versatile materials, and we try to be just as flexible and versatile as the material we work with.

REFRIGERATION: 1. Decorative profiles for shelves and other exposed parts 2. Bumpers for checkouts and refrigerated counters, e.g. digital price display labels and price holders 3. Thermal breaks 4. Seals and magnetic gaskets

Other areas of expertise for the refrigeration & HVAC industry

Our process

Our team of specialists and project managers will assist you from the very beginning of your project to the final delivery. As a leading plastic manufacturer, we support your project with the latest in materials science, production technology, market knowledge and plastic engineering expertise.

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Standard profiles – always in stock

For fast delivery we offer a range of profiles in our standard programme for refrigeration in home appliances. 

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