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Areas of expertise within gasket, seals and bumpers for the transportation industry

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The flexibility, durability and sustainability of many plastics make them ideal materials for the intermodal and seaborne environment. Primo is an experienced supplier of tailored solutions of profiles and parts for marine and automotive use.  We produce customised applications for cars, lorries, buses, city-vans, trucks, trailers, containers and off-road vehicles such as agricultural and construction machines. We also offer special seals and bumpers for boats, and even insulators and  covers for trains.

We deliver:

  • In-depth design and solution knowhow to secure optimal profile designs considering customers’ total costs and solution sustainability
  • Tailored solutions adapted to your manufacturing and logistic setup with focus on customer efficiency and costs
  • An international manufacturing footprint supporting global logistic optimization for customers and securing our customers' supply chain

Environmental demands for plastic in the transport industry

Ever-stricter environmental requirements are being imposed on marine and automotive industry and their components. Primo can advise manufacturers on recyclable materials for both single-component and multi-component solutions.
The lower the density of plastic, the greater the loading capacity. Primo is introducing new plastic grades that reduce weight and maintain, or even improve, strength. Lower weight leads to lower fuel consumption. Contact our expert teams for more information about sustainability and lifetiem chain CO2-calculations for your next project. 
Primo extrudes most plastic materials, from rigid and soft thermoplastics to wood composites, silicon and glass-fibre reinforced polyester.

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As a leading manufacturer of plastic profiles we support your project with the latest within material science, technology, market knowledge and plastic extrusion expertise.

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