Transport / Truck gaskets and profiles for trailers and bodies

Plastic profiles for trucks, trailers and bodies  

Tailored solutions and DIY door seals including welding unit

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Polymer profiles for trucks

For versatility, trailers have to meet a range of requirements like insulation for freezing or refrigeration, volume, load-bearing and appearance.

In-house design and tooling centre ensures high quality and smooth time to market.

Primo is market leader in supplying truck and trailer builders with polymer solutions wheter it be soft sealing gaskets, protecting profiles, gaskets for trailers, cover profiles or other truck profiles. We use special high-quality material to meet the demands for all types of weather and stress conditions. 


How plastic profiles are used in trucks, trailers and bodies

Make your own door sealings

Primo offers you a unique and simple solution that makes it possible for you to cut, trim and weld door sealings in your own workshop. It is easy to operate and gives you the ability to make door sealings as required with zero lead times and with high cost-efficiency.

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Five easy steps

The welding unit lets you cut, trim, weld, adjust and fit door sealings in a matter of minutes. There are no costs for special tools, very little operator training and zero risk of delayed or faulty deliveries from your supplier.

If you have standard lengths of Primo door sealings in your own stock, making a new custom-built door sealing takes just minutes.

The sealing profiles from Primo are made from TPV (thermoplastic vulcanite). TPV is fully functional in the temperature range from -40 °C to +100 °C and is available in many different colours. When fitting the door sealings, you can use the specialised Bondafin glue shipped with the profiles – this glue is easy to work with and requires no primer.

A cost-effective solution for producers of refrigerator vans

Especially for smaller and medium-sized companies we recommend this competitive package that can be adjusted to your requirements.

Standard seals for trailers – always in stock

Choose among a wide range of standard door seals for commercial trailers.

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Profiles for trailers and bodies

Primo is market leading supplier of custom gaskets, seals and profiles for trailers and bodies.

Our profiles are made of first-class plastics, covering a wide range of material types with different properties. Together we find the best material solution for your product.


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Other areas of expertise for the transport industry

Unser Verfahren

Unser Team aus Spezialisten und Projektmanagern steht Ihnen vom Anfang des Projekts bis zur Endlieferung unterstützend zur Seite.

Als einer der führenden Kunststoffhersteller unterstützen wir Ihr Projekt mit der modernsten Materialwissenschaft, Produktionstechnologie, den aktuellsten Marktkenntnissen und dem fortschrittlichsten Fachwissen in Bezug auf Kunststofftextrusion.

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Erfahren Sie, wie unsere Zusammenarbeit aussehen kann

Wir bieten exzellente Kunststoffmaterialien wie ABS, EVA, PE/HDPE, PVC, PPE, TPE, TPV und viele mehr.

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