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    Primo is one of the leading manufacturers in the development and production of sealing profiles for windows. Our product development is supported by our in-house toolmaking and extrusion. All our energy is devoted to perfecting our standards in order to meet the requirements of our customers. Here you will find our standard catalogue.

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    Gaskets for windows and doors by Primo
Wing Rebate Gasket Primo

Wing Rebate Gaskets

Upgrade your windows with expertly crafted Wing Rebate Gaskets from Primo for precise sealing.

Overlap Gaskets

Overlap gaskets from Primo are the optimal solution for airtight and watertight protection. Protect your space from drafts and leaks and improve the sealing of your windows.

French Casement Gaskets and Caps

Enhance the look of your windows and safeguard your home against drafts and moisture. Enjoy beauty and function in one as your windows reach new levels of protection.

Window Ledge Gaskets

Primo's window ledge gaskets are crafted with precision and protect your windows from drafts, moisture and the outside elements. Experience the unmatched quality and durability of our gaskets.

Cutters & Installation Rollers for Window Gaskets

When you want to secure your windows perfectly and effortlessly, having the correct tools is essential. Our well-designed tools simplify the gasket installation process. They guarantee accurate cuts and smooth, straightforward gasket placement.

Glazing Gaskets for Wooden Windows

Wooden windows have a timeless charm, and you can boost their looks and performance with our glazing gaskets. These seals are made to measure, ensuring they perfectly protect your wooden frames by sealing the space between glass and wood.

Additional Gaskets

If you want to improve your windows' sealing, standard gaskets may not always be enough. In such cases, Additional gaskets are available to help. They add an extra layer of protection to your current window seals and are versatile enough to suit any need.

Your flexible gasket maker

What drives all employees at Primo is the aim to provide one hundred percent customer satisfaction through creativity, flexibility and professionalism in all aspects of plastic profile manufacturing.

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Benjamin Hespeler, Primo Gasket Expert
Benjamin Hespeler
Sales Central Europe

Meet Mr Gasket - our specialist in plastic seals and gaskets for windows and doors: Benjamin Hespeler serves German, Austrian and Swiss manufacturers and distributors of gaskets for the construction industry. With many years of experience in the industry, Benjamin has in-depth knowledge of the selection of sealing solutions, material options, product customisation options, packaging, colour, etc. All to create the best solution for each customer.
Speaks: English, German

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