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Plastic profiles and packing tubes for automotive electronics

We protect the car's eletronic parts with plastic profiles

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High-quality plastic packaging of automotive electronics

Electronic components for the automotive industry require safe handling. Exclusively for the electronics industry, Primo designs protective plastic profiles for packaging of automotive electronics.

We have more than fifty years’ experience in the semiconductor and electronic components manufacturing industry, also known as Profilex tubes and profiles.

Tailored plastic protection and packaging profiles for automotive electronics

Worldwide supplier of packing tubes

Primo is worldwide supplier of polymer profiles for automated handling and packaging of electronic components for the automated auto industry. We support global and local market leaders, manufacturers of IC’s, relays, resistors, connectors and several other electronic components. 

What sets our Packing Tubes apart? 

Primo is your specialist in packing tubes for electronic components including closures. We offer profiles in a wide range of polymer based materials and designs. You can rely on a safe and comprehensive solution for your product including: 

  • state of the art packaging profile to improve handling of your product
  • custom design, suited to your needs
  • a wide range of material options, such as PVC, HIPS, PC, EVA, PP, HDPE, PMMA and many more
  • short and flexible delivery terms
  • in-depth documentation 

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Specialist in plastic packing tubes for electronic components

About our business

Primo offers plastic based packaging solutions under the brand Profilex. We are a business unit dedicated to develop, design and deliver customized packing tubes to global manufacturers in the electronics industry. 

In 2004, Profilex and Primo formed a joint venture, and in 2017 Profilex became a full member of the group.

 Plastic based packaging solutions under the brand Profilex

Products in Packing Tubes

We are specialised in packaging solutions for the automotive industry  and a range of electric components that require optimum protection and easy handling.


Antistatic coated clear tubes from:


Antistatic coatred clear tube in PVC


Conductive tubes from:


Conductive profile and packing tube for PC, HIPS and PVC-U


Coloured or translucent tubes from:


Coloured or translucent tubes from HIPS, PP, PVC-U und PC


Co-extruded tubes with window, as combination of the best possible material properties.

Co-extruded tube with window, as combination of the best possible material properties.

Multiple chamber

Multiple chamber tubes, linked or extruded, allowing a high packing density and easy handling.

Multiple chamber tubes for automotive electronics


Plugs, caps, tapes or pins - we provide you with the best possible closures.

Closures and packaging profiles for the automotive industry

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Addtional services in Packing Tubes

For a complete solution we also offer:

  • Development with prototyping of profiles for our customers
  • Antistatic coating
  • Additional punchings
  • Printing and labelling
  • Assembling with closures, other profiles or components
  • Equipped with self-adhesive tapes
  • Logistic: For short delivery times we are use our 5.000 m² storage and are able to deliver big parts of the European electronic industry JIT just in time.

Other areas of expertise for the electronic industry

Our process

Our team of specialists and project managers are here to support you from the beginning of the project to the final delivery.

As one of the leading plastics manufacturers, we support your project with the latest material science, production technology, market knowledge and advanced expertise in plastics extrusion.

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Wir bieten exzellente Kunststoffmaterialien wie ABS, EVA, PE/HDPE, PVC, PPE, TPE, TPV und viele mehr.

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