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A flexible component production with high capacity

With state of the art production lines, Primo can provide a flexible production with high capacity, which means that we have the ability to produce complex and high volume polymer products in an efficient way.

We cover the entire range of the energy and offshore sector’s requirements for protection covers and insulators, such as blade root and hub connection covers, profiles and seals for the wind turbine, power cables, submarine and umbilical cables, rods  and DEH cables – for optimum protection and a cost-effective solution.

At our dedicated production facilities we offer both storage, logistics as well as specialised expert teams with decades of experience in polymer material knowledge.

Tailored plastic solutions for renewable energy projects

The flexibility and sustainability of many plastic types make them ideal materials for the submarine, wind, wave and solar energy industry. 

As specialised supplier of maintenance-free covers and insulators for the industry we produce tailored solutions, based on mutual development and planning.

Our teams of expert have decades of knowledge of plastic properties and we can design the optimal product for your needs. 

Furthermore, at Primo we offer market leading know-how about recycling setups, sustainability and the use of recycled polymer materials for your next projects. 

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Our team of specialists and project managers will assist you from the very beginning of your project to the final delivery. As a leading plastic manufacturer, we support your project with the latest in materials science, production technology, market knowledge and plastic engineering expertise.

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