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Date: 15/10/2019

Topic: Building

Written by: Lichtenberg

As new Business Development Manager on the gasket sales team at Primo Germany, Krzysztof Gąska will focus on increasing sales in Central and Eastern Europe.

When selling gasket and profiles customer service and excellent products go hand in hand When selling gasket and profiles customer service and excellent products go hand in hand

Krzysztof Gąska has extensive experience working with sales. As a former sales manager in the construction industry, he knows the ins and outs of the business. 
In Krzysztof’s opinion, three factors in particular set Primo apart from its competitors: A well selected workforce across the organization, a coherent market strategy and finally the company’s advanced production technology.

Drawing from years of experience in the business, Krzysztof will bring significant market knowledge to the gasket sales team:
 “Every market is different and constantly changing and therefore you need to adapt your strategies to the specific markets. You must always look for new development strategies, stay in close contact with customers and know what is happening on the market,” Krzysztof says.

Furthermore, if there is one thing that the many years in sales have taught him, Krzysztof points to the importance of customer service. The customer offers a window to understanding market trends and customer needs. Strong partnerships between the company and the customer will therefore undoubtably lead to better solutions for the customer. 
“Customer service and excellent products go hand in hand. That is why you always need to be able to quickly sense the customer’s needs and react quickly to them,” Krzysztof says.

Krzysztof aims to carry the same philosophy with him as he begins building and maintaining Primo’s costumer partnerships in Central and Eastern Europe:
 “The customer must know that I am a partner that he can always rely on. This is why the customer is still with us, so that is what I want to focus on.” 

About Krzysztof Gąska:
Business Development Manager, Primo 
Master’s degree in Economy, University of Opole, Poland
Born in Poland


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