New whitepaper about polymer rods for offshore cabling

Date: 25/11/2019

Topic: Energy & Offshore

Written by: Lichtenberg

Subsea cabling is a play with strong natural forces, and failures can be devastating. The developments of cable composition are today a science that improves continuously.

In this whitepaper, we will take a closer look at the latest developments of protective rods for high-performance subsea cables. 

Often subsea cabling is spanning hundreds of kilometers. This means that the weight of cables limits the total amount of cables that can be shipped in a single operation on a given cable laying vessel. Also, the cable weight will stress equipment when sinking cables at deep sea. This means that more frequent cable connections are required with a higher cost of operation. The lower weight is, therefore, an often asked for feature. This can be accomplished by replacing parts of the steel rods with modern, durable plastic types.

Plastic rods are extruded plastic jacketing around high-performance fibers, typically rounded. They are strong, durable and flexible. In this whitepaper you can read more about how Primo are researching and documenting these properties to ensure more cost effective operations for our customers.

Downlod the rods whitepaper here: 

Download Offshore Rods Whitepaper   (High Resolution) 

Download Offshore Rods Whitepaper   (Low Resolution) 

Read more about Primo Offshore here:

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