When time-to-market really matters

Date: 02/11/2018

Topic: Building, Lighting, Energy & Offshore, Medico, Transport, Electronics & Packing Tubes, Refrigeration & HVAC

In most industries time-to-market (TTM) is a crucial factor that can make all the difference between success and failure. It is, however, often difficult to establish an ideal time-to-market – the sooner, the better seems to be the standard answer.

There is also a certain difference in the way TTM is actually measured. In some industries, TTM is measured from the moment a final product concept has been approved, in others it begins whenever a new idea is first developed.

Whichever way TTM is measured and defined, it is important to have a clear definition of the stages the product needs to go through before it can be put into production and released to the market.

In the real world, there are no typical development processes. All projects are unique, but they do share common phases – in fact, it makes sense to visualize a development project much like a railroad map: There are tracks, there are planned stops, there is a final destination - and there is the flexibility to get on or off as it suits you.

This is the idea behind Primo’s Innovate Together philosophy.

Innovate together: Imagine your Primo product development process as a railroad map – one where you can get on or off as you please.

What it means is essentially that you can make use of our expertise at any part of the journey as you like: From start to finish, or just in select parts of the process. You can make use of our skills at any point along the way. Our knowledge about certifications, for instance, can be brought into play, or our compounding experience.

You can choose to let us handle the entire project, or you can hire us to do the production alone. Whichever way you decide to do it, we will always develop a project plan, which will be your time table designed to make you arrive on time.

Having a standardized model gives you the best guarantee of a quick and well-managed pre-production process. It is also our guide to ensuring the optimum time-to-market, one that fits with your demands and with those of your customers.

Improvise and accelerate

But the main benefit of having an established process is that we can improvise and deviate from it whenever needed – all in order to reduce your TTM.

This can be necessary whenever you need fast – really fast – delivery of a tool or a prototype. New technologies such as 3D printing allow us to move with extreme speed when designing a new tool or a profile prototype; sometimes in a matter of weeks or even days.

It all depends on your product, your ideas and your will to succeed. At Primo, we have the skill, the experience and the procedures in place to move as quickly as your ideas!



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