RigiCore – new composite window frame system brings the U-value down

Insulation value is the most pressing question for window and door producers now and for the future.

Insulation value is the most pressing question for window and door producers now and for the future.
RigiCore, the new composite frame and sash solution from Primo, delivers not just superb insulation values – it is also rigid, light and extremely durable, requiring little or no maintenance for years and years. 

The big issue today by the window and door products is that the windows and doors are some of the weakest spots in any building when it comes to heat insulation.

Much has happened in recent decades with the insulation values of glass; triple glass windows with highly insulating special gases between individual panes of glass have done much to reduce heat loss, and also building techniques have improved, significantly reducing heat loss through the joints between frame and wall. 

But heat loss also occurs, and significantly so, through the frame and sash of the window and door. 

This leads the windows and doors producers to develop new and more insulation-efficient frame and sash constructions. On such construction is the new RigiCore system from Primo.

New materials complement the old ones

Traditionally, window frames have been made from either PVC, wood, aluminium or a combination of these materials. But with the advent of Primo’s RigiCore system, these materials can now be supplemented with a strong and highly insulating profile.

A RigiCore window and door solution could be a combination of pultruded PUR sash and frame profiles, FiberCore glazing beads and an outer climate screen of powder painted aluminium profiles. Such solutions have proved to be extremely attractive in terms of rigidity, lack of shrinkage and no maintenance. 

Outstanding insulation capacity

The driving force behind the development of RigiCore window solution, however, is its outstanding insulation capacity. All over Europe, legislators are looking for new ways to reduce energy expenditure, and there will be increased demands in the coming years which will make it attractive for window and door producers to apply new composite materials such as the RigiCore window solution.

About Primo 

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