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At Primo, we aim at halving the time from idea to product

Speed is king – Primo’s quest for quality and faster procedures


By understanding and learning from data, internal procedures can be optimised and lead to much faster development processes. This is important to a range of sectors, especially the lighting industry, since it helps companies reaching their markets in time.

ECO Softline sealing gasket profile is made solely from TPE/TPV

Changing the way we seal our doors and windows


We are proud to present a new product that will change the way we seal our windows and doors, the Eco Softline gasket.

Q&A about plastic - get your facts about plastic here

Questions and answers about plastic


At Primo, we receive many questions about plastic. As a plastic manufacturer, we are constantly challenged on our material knowledge. Customers need to have more in-depth information about our processes - and the same goes for consumers and environmentalists.

Plastic production process infographic

Primo celebrates its 60-anniversary with a free business biography


In 2019 Primo celebrated its 60-anniversary and we decided to tell the story about Primo - 60 YEARS OF GROWTH AND EXTRUSION. The result is now finished and can be downloaded here.

Primo Netherlands to obtain AEO-Full license


Trading with Primo Netherlands can now be done within the secure framework of the European AEO-license. This means that the entire supply chain is reliable, safe, and continuously reviewed by external competences. AEO stands for Authorises Economic Operator, an equivalent of Supply Chain Security.

Bioplastic for plantations and greeneries

Helping customers grow with green solutions


Changing the color of plastics to green with bioplastic.

Household appliances from plastic waste by Primo

Recycling plastics at an industrial scale


At Primo's production facility in Poland, various profiles for window decorations are manufactured in close corporation with customers. A popular series is cover profiles for curtain rails, which has been produced for 15 years – and today these products are made solely from reused scrap plastic.

Manufacturing of parts for innovative lighting applications in polymer

Linear lenses pave the way for lighting innovation


Linear lenses give designers new possibilities when creating new lighting applications.

Corona virus does not delay delivery for more than a week

Corona virus not expected to affect long term delivery


Situation report about delivery from our factory site in Zhuhai due to the reporting about Corona virus in China.

The new TPE Foam Gasket for sealing doors and windows made by Primo

The future of window and door sealing: Primo presents the new TPE Foam Gasket


At this year's Fensterbau Frontale, Primo will be presenting a brand new durable, economical, and recyclable way of sealing windows and doors.

Digital stress testing of plastic profiles: Plastic Tooling Factory

Digital stress-testing solves problems before they arise


Stress-testing can also be utilized as an important product documentation. As such, stress-testing is among documentations like fire-resistance and expanded description of chemical composition, offered by Primo as part of our efforts to support customers business when delivering polymer profiles.

Primo is a front runner in automation and robotics, however, some gaskets are packaged manually to avoid stress on the material.

Delivering on customers need for rapid time-to-market


The extrusion process is complicated, but at Primo, we are working to help our customers reach their markets faster and add value to their products.

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