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Primo Germany celebrates Primo’s 60th anniversary


As part of the family-owned Inter Primo, PRIMO in Germany will participate in the 60th group anniversary. The celebration marks a milestone of innovation, company culture, and strong international trade relations.

Primo´s European plastic gasket sales team

Meet the new international gasket sales team


Three new sales representatives join Primo’s gasket team to boost markets reach in Europe and beyond.

 Extruded poly-carbonate profiles for linear lighting

Design guide for innovative profiles in linear lighting


New design guide for innovative profiles in linear lighting - download the new handbook here

Inter Primo's CEO Claus Tønnesen announces the acquisition of Essentra on June 11, 2019

Inter Primo A/S buys Essentra Extrusion


The Danish plastic company Inter Primo A/S announces the acquisition of British-owned Essentra Extrusion B.V. in Buitenpost, the Netherlands.

One of the largest plastic plants in Sweden

PRIMO Sweden celebrates its 60th anniversary


As a part of the family-owned Inter Primo, PRIMO in Sweden will participate in the 60th group anniversary in the coming week, marking a milestone of Nordic innovation and company culture. For decades PRIMO has produced a range of specialised plastic components at two plants in Limmared and Dalstorp.

Tooling as a vital in-house competence


Primo is more than just a supplier of extruded profiles. Primo also has its own inhouse tooling centre, developing and designing the correct extrusion tools for new profiles – often improving on the customers’ ideas and making time-to-market faster.

We can seal it!


This is the motto of Primo GmbH – a specialist producer of seals and gaskets for windows and doors in Hamburg, Germany. The company’s mission is to develop and produce seals of all sorts for all kinds of window and door products, no matter how demanding.

Operation Clean Sweep a part of Primo’s environmental policies


In the spring of 2018, Primo took the final steps in implementing European Operation Clean Sweep® programme (OCS) at all our production facilities throughout Europe. And while the programme is an ongoing process, progress is constantly being made towards the final goal of eliminating plastic pellet waste in the environment.

Recyclable, useful and clever: Why we believe in plastics


Used correctly, plastics and plastic composites can help reduce the environmental impact of food production, transportation and heating. On top of that, most thermoplastic materials are 100 % recyclable. This is why Primo firmly believes in plastics as the material of tomorrow as well as today.

When time-to-market really matters


In most industries time-to-market (TTM) is a crucial factor that can make all the difference between success and failure. It is, however, often difficult to establish an ideal time-to-market – the sooner, the better seems to be the standard answer.

Cut and weld of door sealings on demand

Door seal welding unit light


For builders of truck trailers, Primo recently launched a ground-breaking DIY welding unit for door sealings. Since the introduction, the welding unit has enjoyed great success, making life easier for trailer builders big and small.

New in-house PVC recycling facilities at Primo Germany


Primo Germany has just invested in its own PVC regrinding and recycling equipment. The results: Less production waste, more precise control of the use of recycled PVC, and a strong, green product for the window and door producers.

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